10 Unbelievable Things Robots Can Do

10 Unbelievable Things Robots Can Do


Plant and Harvest Produce

Due to the shrinking supply of low-paid fruit pickers and the downturn of authorized immigrants in the U.S. workforce that were willing to work for low pay on farms, the produce industry has seen dwindling numbers of farmhands.

Technological advances have led to the development of the Agrobot, the picking machine, which costs around $100,000. The Agrobot is designed specifically to pluck ripe strawberries with high-powered computing, color sensors, and metallic baskets attached to the robots arms. Juan Bravo, the inventor of the Agrobot, has a second, larger prototype in the works. Other robots have also been developed to take on similar tasks, such as planting vegetable seedlings, harvesting lettuce, and transplanting roses.