The 12 Hottest Food Trends for 2015
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The 12 Hottest Food Trends for 2015

The trendy foods and drinks in 2015 will be focused mostly on ancient flavors and cooking methods that are good for you. But get ready for a few surprises as well. 

Think fermented foods that help your digestive system, broth that brings extra protein to your diet, and beer from Belgium that’s made from medieval recipes in which the usual hops are replaced by herbs and aromatics.

SLIDESHOW: The 12 Hottest Food Trends for 2015 

Some trends will be a continuation of existing ones, such as local foods and Asian foods, only more pronounced. But mainly we’re seeing a return to authenticity, including products that were or have been around for centuries but are making a comeback and are centered on health and wellness. 

In an interview with Supermarket News, Kara Nielsen, culinary director at adverting and brand building agency Sterling Rice Group, said she expects Asian influence to emerge in more “true-to-region” Asian foods, bring “fattier and funkier” tastes like tangy Filipino cuisine.

In grocery stores, this trend could emerge in the condiment aisles and in frozen foods, she said.

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These 2015 food trends represent a big departure from the trends that were predicted for 2014, which included Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, lemons, seaweed and new twists on pasta.

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