Five Big Stories You Missed Because You Were Reading About Trump
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Five Big Stories You Missed Because You Were Reading About Trump

© Itar Tass / Reuters

If you feel as though the news cycle has been all-Trump all the time for the past few days, you aren’t wrong.

The spectacular days-long flameout of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has driven a lot of stories that would normally have been front page news out of the headlines and relegated them to the back pages. Here are a few items that you might have missed in the fallout after a major party presidential candidate revealed himself to be a sexual assault enthusiast.

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  • Russia moved nuclear capable medium range missiles into Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea between Poland and Lithuania. The Iskander mobile launch system has a range of at least 500 kilometers, meaning that meaning that locating them in the enclave places the capitals of several NATO countries, like Poland, in range.

  • A US Navy destroyer, on patrol off the coast of Yemen, has had cruise missiles fired at it twice by Iran-backed fighters since Sunday. The USS Mason on Sunday, and then again this morning, detected a pair of cruise missiles launched from territory controlled by Iran-backed Houthi rebels, who have taken over much of the country with the backing or Iran. The Mason took countermeasures, and both attacks failed to hit the ship.

  • The coming battle to retake the Iraqi city of Mosul got closer -- and a lot more complicated. The long-planned assault on the ISIS-held city is coming, but the plan for just how the multiple forces converging on the terrorist stronghold will attack, and how they will govern the city in the event they are successful, is still a major concern. Moreover, Reuters reports that ISIS has rigged the city with bombs and lethal booby traps.

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  • The valuation of the British Pound fell to its lowest level in recorded history when measured against a group of foreign currencies. The drop in value appears to be directly related to the decision British voters took earlier this year to separate the UK from the European Union. Statements this week from British leaders saying that the so-called “Brexit” is on track caused a major selloff of the country’s currency.

  • Babies born by C-section are at greater risk for allergies, The Wall Street Journal reports. The reason: Not passing through the mother’s birth canal robs the baby of beneficial microbes that protect the infant in later from childhood allergies and asthma. The other plusses—breastfeeding and the having a dog in the house. “Medical microbiologists say each newborn’s personal collection of gut bacteria has a lifelong effect on the immune system,” The Journal reports.