Holiday Food Gifts Make Everyone’s List This Year
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Holiday Food Gifts Make Everyone’s List This Year

Despite rising cocoa prices – or maybe even because of them – we just can’t get enough chocolate, which tops our list of favorite food gifts this holiday season.

The Specialty Food Association found that 67 percent of Americans recently surveyed picked chocolate as their favorite food gift of all. 

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Here are some of the other food items Americans said they’d love to receive (or give) for the holidays this year:

  • Cheeses: 46 percent
  • Baked goods: 43 percent
  • Coffee: 39 percent
  • Alcoholic beverages: 34 percent

Chocolate and cheese (along with olive oil and other specialty oils) are actually in the top three categories of specialty foods that Americans purchase the most all throughout the year.

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While those of us with time to spare can always try making our own food gifts, it may just be a whole lot easier to buy a bunch of specialty gift items made by the experts – then all we have to do is wrap, share and enjoy.

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