Ted Cruz Throws Himself a Pity Party
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Ted Cruz Throws Himself a Pity Party

Running for President is, apparently, a miserable experience. And if Ted Cruz has to suffer, he thinks his supporters should, too.

In a strange fundraising solicitation sent out by email Wednesday night, the Republican senator from Texas enumerated all the terrible things that go along with seeking the highest office in the land, as part of a pitch to get “courageous conservatives” to “make tough sacrifices” – basically, sending him money.

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“You see, running for President of the United States is a significant sacrifice,” Cruz writes. “Only through prayer and many late night discussions with my wife, family, and closest friends did I make THE decision.”

Ted Cruz logo

The Cruz logo: Turns out it’s not a flame; it’s a teardrop

Then, he goes into specific details about just how difficult his life has become since he decided to declare his candidacy. It’s really worth quoting in full, but first: cue the violin, and pass the Kleenex.

Time with my family “Spending almost every day on the campaign trail or fighting on the Senate floor means precious little time spent with my wife, Heidi, and my daughters -- the very family that gives me the motivation and drive to fight.”

Health and sleep: “My runoff campaign for the Senate in 2012 took a toll, but now I'm sacrificing even more sleep with long nights and constant travel. And the pizza diet is a staple on the campaign trail.”

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Finances: “The cost of campaigning back and forth across the country for president is increasingly expensive, but Heidi and I are willing to invest our livelihoods into this sacrifice.

Personal time: “You think of this the least, but as a candidate, my days are no longer my own. Days start before dawn and many times don't end until early the next morning. There is almost no personal time when you run for president.”

“I've chosen to sacrifice part of mine and my families (sic) lives to run for President -- but I think you will agree with me that the sacrifice is well worth it.”

Cruz, currently scuffling along in the second tier of Republican candidates, added a note of urgency to the appeal, because candidates are reaching the end of the second quarter reporting period and want to show the best fundraising numbers they can to create a sense of momentum. “Time is critical,” he writes.

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The message id signed “For liberty, Ted Cruz” but it doesn’t end there.

Apparently concerned that he hadn’t stressed just how much he is giving up to run for president, Cruz throws in a post-script: “I’ve chosen to make some steep, necessary sacrifices in our fight to restore America. Will you join me with your gift of $250 or $100? OR if $35 or $10 is a stretch gift for you, I will be grateful for every dollar you can sacrifice and will ensure it is faithfully used.”

Maybe on a new consultant to review email fundraising letters…

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